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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

You know you're special when.....

How do you know you have a special product? When people actually take the time to write and let you know! Not that we at Oasis Seasoning are trying to be boastful, but we do want you to know what other people have said about our products.

“If we could have only one spice in our cupboard, Oasis Seasoning would be the one. Our granddaughter loves it in sour cream as a dip. We use it on all meats, stir-fried veggies, and scrambled eggs - to name only a few of the many possibilities.”
Bill and Jan Norris

“This is the best seasoning that we have ever used. We have used it for 2 years. We serve rib eye steaks every Saturday night at The Elks Lodge. In 2005 we served 2,500 steaks, and the only seasoning we used on them was Oasis Seasoning.”
Dennis Bauer, Elks Lodge #1790 Exalted Ruler for the Year of 2005, Ainsworth, NE

“When my husband purchased a bottle of this seasoning, I wasn’t too happy with him. I had every type of seasoning in my cupboard that you could dream of or imagine. But then I tried it and I use it on everything. It sits right on the table. It’s almost gone. I just purchased 5 pounds of it. It is the best seasoning I have ever tasted. A person can also get it salt free or original, but I like the original.”
Cindy Stewart, Cody, NE

“We have used Oasis Seasoning on several occasions and feel that it is very good.”
Peggy D. McConnell

“We use Oasis Seasoning exclusively. We have used it on hamburgers all kinds of steaks, pork chops, Ramen Noodles and chili soup. The Oasis Seasoning brings out the best flavor possible while tenderizing and sealing in the natural juices of the meat. I recommend it to anyone who likes to do any type of cooking or grilling, to try this seasoning.”

“I use Oasis Seasoning on all kinds of foods from steaks to fries and baked potatoes. I also use it to season my flour when frying fish or chicken. It’s really a great seasoning that I use all the time.” M.D. Beatrice, NE

“I am writing to let you all know that I have a secret weapon for you to use. My wife and I bought The Cow Palace Inn, located in Lamar, Colorado, in 2011, with the full intent of having the best steakhouse in southeastern Colorado. What we quickly learned is that you can spend all the money you want to buy the best best beef, however, if you do not spice it up correctly, you cannot bring out the best flavor of the beef. We came to know Tom...who we affectionately call 'Uncle Tom' because he cared for our success just as any family me member would. As a result, The Cow Palace Inn earned the award for Best Ribeye Steak in Southeast Colorado. We use the spice mix on every beef dish we serve and always hear one of two things... 'Outstanding flavor,' and, 'Do you sell your seasoning?' We are pleased to recommend 'Uncle Tom' and his spices. Great flavors, great choices, and great people.”
Best Wishes,
~Doug and Leianna Thrall

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